Hermione Lee on Philip Roth


Books & Editions

Philip Roth. Methuen Contemporary Writers, 1982. 95 pp. Reissued in Routledge Revivals, 2010, with new introduction.


Additional Work on Roth

[Interviewer] - 'Philip Roth - The Art of Fiction No. 84', The Paris Review, Issue 93, Fall 1984. [Hermione Lee interviews Philip Roth.]

[Interviewer] - ' "Life Is and": Philip Roth in 1990', The Independent on Sunday, 2 September 1990: 12-13. [Hermione Lee interviews Philip Roth. Reprinted in Conversations with Philip Roth, edited by George J. Searles. Univ. Press of Mississippi, 1992.]

[Interviewer] - 'An Audience with Philip Roth', The Observer, 7 October 2007. [Hermione Lee interviews Philip Roth on the publication of his novel Exit Ghost. Also published in The New Yorker as 'Age Makes a Difference'.]

[Panelist] - Tribute to Philip Roth, 11 April 2008. [Hermione Lee appears on a panel discussion in honor of Roth on his 75th birthday. To watch the panel discussion featuring Hermione Lee, please visit the C-SPAN Website (begins at minute 48:50).]

[Contributor] - Philip Roth at 80: A Celebration. Library of America, 2014. [Text of a speech given during a 13 March 2013 event in honor of Philip Roth's 80th birthday. To watch Hermione Lee's speech, please visit the C-SPAN Website (minutes 23:20 to 33:50).]

Philip Roth by Hermione Lee

Philip Roth by Hermione Lee