Hermione Lee on Willa Cather


Books & Editions

Willa Cather: A Life Saved Up. Virago, 1989. 409 pp. Published in the U.S. as Willa Cather: Double Lives, Pantheon, 1990. Vintage, 1991 (pbk). Reissued by Virago, 1996. Reissued by Vintage, 2017.

[Editor] - The Short Stories of Willa Cather. Virago, 1989. 488 pp. [Selected and introduced by Hermione Lee].

[Introduction] - Willa Cather. Sapphira and the Slave Girl. Virago, 1986.

[Introduction] - Willa Cather. One of Ours. Virago, 1987. Reissued, 1996.

[Introduction] - Willa Cather. Alexander's Bridge. Virago, 1990.


Additional Writing on Cather

'Cather's Bridge: Anglo-American Crossings in Willa Cather'. Forked Tongues: Comparative Studies in 20th century British and American Literature. Eds. Alistair Stead and Ann Massa. London: Longmans, 1994. 38-56.

Willa Cather by Hermione Lee, Published by Vintage 2017