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NOTE: The articles, essays, editions, and reviews listed below represent a selection of Hermione Lee's publications.

- 2017 -

[Introduction] - The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, Sir James Fitzjames Stephen Selected Edition, edited by Christopher Ricks and Frances Whistler, Oxford University Press, 2017.

- 2016 -

'Breaking Faith: Elizabeth Bowen and disloyalties', in Uncertain Futures: Essays about the Past for Roy Foster, Oxford University Press, 2016.

[Review] - 'A Poet Unlike Any Other', New York Review of Books, 9 June 2016. [Review of All the Poems by Stevie Smith.]

[Review] - 'The Triumph of Jenny Diski', New York Review of Books, 29 September 2016. [Review of In Gratitude by Jenny Diski.]

- 2015 -

'Dangerous Letters: A Biographer’s Perspective', in Letter Writing Among Poets, edited by Jonathan Ellis, Edinburgh University Press, 2015.

'"From Memory": Literary Encounters and Life-Writing', in On Life-Writing, edited by Zachary Leader, Oxford University Press, 2015.

[Review] - 'Alice Munro's Magic', New York Review of Books, 5 February 2015. [Review of Family Furnishings: Selected Stories, 1995–2014 by Alice Munro.]

- 2014 -

[Foreword] - Isaiah Berlin: Personal Impressions, edited by Henry Hardy, Princeton University Press, 2014.

'He Gave "the Mundane Its Beautiful Due".' New York Review of Books 8 May 2014 [On John Updike].

- 2013 -

[Introduction] - Alain-Fournier, The Lost Domain, Oxford University Press, 2013.

[Review] - 'Willa Cather: A Hidden Voice.' New York Review of Books 11 July 2013. [Review of The Selected Letters of Willa Cather edited by Andrew Jewell and Janis Stout].

[Review] - 'Finding a Very Secret Self .' New York Review of Books 10 January 2013. [Review of New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and Their Families and The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín].

- 2012 -

'Trevor and Reading'. William Trevor: A Collection of Critical Essays. Eds. Paul Delaney and Michael Parker. Manchester University Press, 2012.

[Review] - 'Portrait of a Novel.' The Guardian, 7 September 2012 [Rev. of Henry James and the Making of an American Masterpiece by Michael Gorra].

'The Woman Reader by Belinda Jack -- review.' The Guardian, 5 July 2012.

- 2011 -

'In Separate Directions: Ford Madox Ford and French Networks'. Ford Madox Ford: France and Provence. Eds. Domnique Lemarchal and Claire Davison-Pégon. International Ford Madox Ford Studies 10, Rodopi, 2011, pp 43-56.

[Review] - 'By Nightfall by Michael Cunningham -- review.' The Guardian, 15 January 2011.

- 2010 -

[New Introduction] - The Novels of Virginia Woolf, Routledge Revivals, 2010. [First published in 1977, this edition contains a new introduction by the author.]

[New Introduction] - Philip Roth, Routledge Revivals, 2010. [First published in 1982, this edition contains a new introduction by the author.]

'From the Margins.' Guardian, 3 April 2010 [On Penelope Fitzgerald].

[Review] - 'Review: The Empty Family by Colm Tóibín.' The Guardian, 9 October 2010.

- 2009 -

[Review] - 'Review.' The Guardian, 19 December 2009 [Rev. of Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith and Concerning E. M. Forster by Frank Kermode].

[Review] - 'Wangling.' London Review of Books 31.3 (12 February 2009) [Rev. of Collected Stories and Other Writings by Katherine Anne Porter, edited by Darlene Harbour Unrue].

- 2008 -

[Review] - 'Thinking about the World.' The Guardian, 23 August 2008 [Rev. of The Pages by Murray Bail].

[Review] - 'The Dysfunctional Jameses.' The New York Times, 6 July 2008 [Rev. of House of Wits: An Intimate Portrait of the James Family by Paul Fisher].

[Review] - 'The Wounded Heart of Europe.' The Guardian, 28 June 2008 [Rev. of Disguise by Hugo Hamilton].

[Review] - 'Pawed, used, loved and lonely.' The Guardian, 1 March 2008 [Rev. of Taking Pictures by Anne Enright].

- 2007 -

'An American in Paris.' Guardian Review, 20 January 2007 [On Wharton's admiration for 'French civilisation' and her shame at US foreign policy].

[Review] - 'Storms Over the Novel.' New York Review of Books 54.8 (10 May 2007).

- 2005 -

'Salman Rushdie's Fathers' [Ch 8]. The Contemporary British Novel. Eds J. Acheson and S. Ross. Edinburgh U P, 2005.

Hermione Lee

Hermione Lee writes on authors, literature, life-writing,
and is a frequent contributor to the The New York Review of Books.

- 2003 -

'Writing Victorian Lives and Victorian Life-Writing: Gosse's "Father and Son" Revisited'. Journal of Victorian Culture 8.1 (Spring 2003) [Collected in Body Parts: Essays on Life-Writing].

- 2002 -

[Editor, with David Constantine and Bernard O'Donoghue] - Oxford Poets 2002: An Anthology. Carcanet, 2002.

- 2001 -

'Re-reading Elizabeth Bowen'. Re-Constructing the Book: Literary Texts in Transmission. Ed. Maureen Bell et al. Ashgate, 2001: 148-158.

[Editor, with David Constantine and Bernard O'Donoghue] - Oxford Poets 2001: An Anthology. Carcanet, 2001

- 2000 -

[Introduction]. Edith Wharton's Library. Ed. George Ramsden. 2000.

'Critical Opinion: Examined Lives'. Essays in Criticism. October 2000.

"Reading in Bed" Oxford U P, 2000 [An Inaugural Lecture delivered before the University of Oxford; Collected in Body Parts: Essays on Life-Writing].

'The Essays of Virginia Woolf'. The Cambridge Companion to Virginia Woolf. Ed. Sue Roe. Cambridge U P, 2000.

[Editor, with David Constantine and Bernard O'Donoghue] - Oxford Poets 2000: An Anthology. Carcanet, 2000.

[Preface]. The Journals of Beatrice Webb. Virago, 2000.

- 1990-1999 -

[Introduction] - Eudora Welty. Collected Stories. Virago, 1998.

'Crimes of Criticism: Virginia Woolf and Literary Journalism'. Grub Street and the Ivory Tower: Essays on the Relation between Literary Journalism and Literary Scholarship. Eds. Jeremy Treglown and Bridget Bennett. Oxford U P, 1998.

'Am I Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'. Writing the Lives of Writers. Eds. Warwick Gould and Tom Staley. Macmillan, 1998.

'A Very English Genius: Penelope Fitzgerald Talks to Hermione Lee'. British Council New Writing. Eds. Carmen Callil and Craig Raine. British Council, 1997.

'Biomythographers: Rewriting the Lives of Virginia Woolf'. Essays in Criticism (April 1996) [The 1996 Bateson Lecture].

'Free Exploratory Space'. Teaching Literature. Ed. Judy Kravis. Cork University Press, 1995.

[Contributor]. The Oxford Guide to Twentieth Century Literature in English. Oxford University Press, 1995. {Hermione Lee authored 12 entries, including the entry on Virginia Woolf and her major works.]

[Editor] - The Secret Self: A Century of Short Stories by Women. Phoenix Giants; Weidenfeld, 1995. [Revision of The Secret Self and The Secret Self/2 with a new introduction].

'Virginia Woolf and Offence'. The Art of Literary Biography. Ed. John Batchelor. Oxford U P, 1994.

'Cather's Bridge: Anglo-American Crossings in Willa Cather'. Forked Tongues: Comparative Studies in 20th Century British and American Literature. Eds. A.Stead and A. Massa. Longmans, 1994.

' "Room of One's Own, or a Bloody Chamber?" Angela Carter and Political Correctness'. Flesh and the Mirror: Essays on the Art of Angela Carter. Ed. Lorna Sage. Virago, 1994.

'The Pleasure of Reading'. The Pleasure of Reading. Ed. Antonia Fraser. Bloomsbury, 1992. 201-208; Reprinted as 'Large Complicated Books about Relationships'. Brick: a journal of reviews. Eds. Linda Spalding and Michael Ondaatje. No 45 (Winter 1993): 19-22.

'Life is and': Philip Roth in 1990'. Conversations with Philip Roth. Ed. George J. Searles. University Press of Mississippi, 1992. 259-267.

'Women and Fiction: The Manuscript Versions of A Room of One's Own'. The Charleston Magazine (Winter-Spring 1992).

[Editor] - The Secret Self/2: Short Stories by Women. J.M.Dent, 1987. 380 pp. Revised edition for Everyman's Library, 1991 [selected and introduced].

[Editor] - The Secret Self: Short Stories by Women. J.M.Dent, 1987. 382 pp. Revised edition for Everyman's Library, 1991 [selected and introduced].

'The Road of Destiny'. from Willa Cather: Double Lives, in 'Antonia': (Major Literary Characters). Ed. Harold Bloom. Chelsea House Publishers, 1991. 161-173.

'Talking to Writers: Nadine Gordimer'. Conversations with Nadine Gordimer. Eds. Nancy Topping Bazin and Marilyn Dallman Seymour. University Press of Mississippi, 1990. 239-247.

'Power: Women and the Word'. The State of the Language. Eds. C. Ricks and L. Michaels. University of California Press, 1990. 110-118.

- Before 1990 -

[Interview with Eudora Welty]. Writing Lives: Conversations between Women Writers. Ed. Mary Chamberlain. Virago, 1988; Reprinted in Eudora Welty. Ed. C.A.Johnston. Twayne Studies in Short Fiction, 1995.

[Editor] - Rudyard Kipling. Traffics and Discoveries. Penguin Books, 1987. 344 pp.

[Editor] - Anthony Trollope. The Duke's Children. Oxford University Press, 1983, 1985. 667 pp.

'Turning Points: An Approach to Fiction'. Proceedings of the English Association North. Ed. Vincent Newey. Vol. I. Liverpool University Press, 1985.

'Philip Roth: The Art of Fiction'. Paris Review (Fall 1984); Reprinted in Philip Roth, Reading Myself and Others. Penguin Books, 1986; Writers at Work. Ed. George Plimpton. Viking, 1986; and Conversations with Philip Roth. Ed. George J. Searles. University of Mississippi, 1992 [Interview].

[Editor] - Stevie Smith: A Selection. Faber, 1983. 224 pp.

'A Burning Glass: Reflection in Virginia Woolf'. Virginia Woolf: A Centenary Perspective. Ed. Eric Warner. Macmillan, 1984 [Paper given at the Virginia Woolf Centenary Conference, Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, 1982].

'Emblems and Enigmas in Jane Eyre'. English (Autumn 1981).

[Introduction] - Flannery O'Connor. Everything that Rises Must Converge. Faber, 1980, 1985.

[Introduction] - Antonia White. Strangers. Virago, 1980.

[Introduction] - Edith Olivier. The Love Child. Virago, 1980.

'"Taste" and "Tenderness" as Moral Values in Jane Austen'. Literature of the Romantic Period 1750-1850. Eds. R.T. Davies and B.G. Beatty. Liverpool University Press, 1976.

'The Placing of Loss: Elizabeth Bowen's To the North'. Essays in Criticism XXVIII.2 (April 1978): 129-142.