Hermione Lee on Penelope Fitzgerald


Books & Editions

[Introduction] - Penelope Fitzgerald. A House of Air, HarperCollins, 2009.

Penelope Fitzgerald: A Life. Chatto & Windus, 2013 (hardback); Alfred A. Knopf, 2014 (hardback); Vintage, 2015 (paperback).

[Advisory Editor] - New editions of all of Penelope Fitzgerald's fiction:

    Offshore, Fourth Estate, 2013. [Introduction by Alan Hollinghurst.]

    The Blue Flower, Fourth Estate, 2013. [Introduction by Candia McWilliam.]

    Innocence, Fourth Estate, 2013. [Introduction by Julian Barnes.]

    At Freddie’s, Fourth Estate, 2013. [Introduction by Simon Callow.]

    The Knox Brothers, Fourth Estate, 2013. [Introduction by Richard Holmes.]

    The Beginning of Spring, Fourth Estate, 2014. [Introduction by Andrew Miller.]

    The Bookshop, Fourth Estate, 2014. [Introduction by David Nicholls.]

    The Gate of Angels, Fourth Estate, 2014. [Introduction by Philip Hensher.]

    Human Voices, Fourth Estate, 2014. [Introduction by Mark Damazer.]

    Charlotte Mew and Her Friend, Fourth Estate, 2014. [Introduction by Michèle Roberts.]

    Edward Burne-Jones, Fourth Estate, 2014. [Introduction by Frances Spalding.]

    The Golden Child, Fourth Estate, 2014. [Introduction by Charles Saumarez Smith.]

    The Means of Escape, Fourth Estate, 2016.

Penelope Fitzgerald by Hermione Lee

Winner of the the James Tait Black Prize
A "Top Ten" Book of 2014 -- New York Times


Additional Writing on Fitzgerald

'From the Margins: Hermione Lee on Penelope Fitzgerald'. The Guardian, 2 April 2010.

'Listen Carefully'. Times Literary Supplement, no. 5090, 20 Oct. 2000, p. 22. [Review of The Means of Escape by Penelope Fitzgerald.]

'Penelope Fitzgerald: Staying Afloat.' The Guardian, 25 October 2013. [Hermione Lee looks back at Fitzgerald's free yet fraught way of life on the Thames in the 60s that would inform her Booker prize-winning novel, Offshore.]


Talks & Programmes on Fitzgerald

Hermione Lee receives the James Tait Black Prize from the University of Edinburgh, 2013.

Hermione Lee in conversation with Gaby Wood. London Book Fair, 2014. Sponsored by the English PEN Literary Salon.

'Literary Genius After 60.' To the Best of Our Knowledge, WNYC.org, 22 May 2015. [Hermione Lee discusses the life of Penelope Fitzgerald.]

Penelope Fitzgerald: A Celebration. English PEN, 6 December 2016.

'Penelope Fitzgerald Webchat with Hermione Lee'. The Guardian, 27 January 2017. [Hermione Lee answered questions about biography and Penelope Fitzgerald in a live webcast for The Guardian, which maintains the transcript of the event.

Hermione Lee in conversation with Patrick Gale about Edith Wharton, Penelope Fitzgerald and the writing of biographies. North Cornwall Book Festival, 8 October 2017.